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Victoria River/Birrindudu Basins

EP(A) 198 is located in the northeastern Victoria River/Birrindudu Basins approximately 600 km south of Darwin near the town of Yarralin and is contiguous  with the western edge of Pangaea’s EP(A) 168.  The Victoria River/Birrindudu Basins consist of Palaeoproterozoic to Mesoproterozoic sequences which appear to be similar to those of the McArthur and Beetaloo Basins.  Live oil shows from the Timber Creek Formation and Seale Sandstone in a stratigraphic test hole drilled by the Northern Territory Geological Survey in 1999 provides evidence for hydrocarbon systems in these basins.

Pangaea will be conducting the initial phase of our exploration program with an airborne gravity survey in early 2013 followed by 2D seismic acquisition.

Pangaea has a 100% interest in, and operates, this permit.