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Our Approach

Pangaea employs a collaborative approach in all our activities. We believe our stakeholders, including our employees, partners, local communities, service providers, government and regulatory bodies, all have the shared objective of safely developing Australia’s energy resources. 

Our team and subcontractors give priority to safety and we are proactive in quality, health, safety and environmental awareness and protection.  We strive to exceed compliance standards in state and federal regulations.

Our preferred exploration approach usually commences with airborne magnetic and gravity surveys to identify favourable areas with petroleum potential and to focus seismic surveys. This is followed by well-designed, cultural and environmentally-conscious seismic surveys and, if warranted, drilling programs. These are all undertaken in consultation with local stakeholders.

Ultimately we seek to produce energy resources through proven, safe exploration and engineering operations whilst continuously incorporating state-of-the-art methodologies in order to achieve a high standard of operating excellence.